Pretzel. Is. Back.

Our Famous Pretzel Boli Mix is made from the finest ingredients.

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Pretzel Boli Mix Kit

Part of our Pretzel Boli family is our traditional Mix Kit.  Everything inside will get you making delicious “The King” Pretzel Boli’s in no time!

16 Oz Dough Ball Kit

The Dough Ball Kit includes 16 One LB Dough Balls + Pretzel Salt & Browner

6 In Flat Sheet Kit

Perfect for quick Pretzel Boli creations!  Includes 30 x 6 In Sheets + Pretzel Salt & Browner

Every week new restaurants join the Pretzel Evolution.  You can request a free information kit from your food distributor or by becoming a member of our Pretzel Family.

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We find that keeping things SIMPLE is key.  If you know how to make Pizza Dough, you are in business.

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Revenue Growth

Our Famous Pretzel Boli products keep the restaurant owner in mind.  Your revenue increase by selling more in demand food items is our top priority.

Restaurant Marketing Support

Upon account activation we will provide Pretzel Boli marketing materials to get you started selling delicious Pretzel Boli creations.

Social Media Campaigns

Let our Marketing Team work with your existing social media accounts and website.  We specialize in Campaign Re-targeting of product placement to specific audiences relative to your business.

Schedule a consultation with our media dept. today.

Location Support

Support 5 Days a week to keep your product solutions working for your business.  Have a question? We have expert industry advice.

Pretzel Boli Promise

Our a cutting edge food products increase revenue for restaurants looking to bring that classic Italian flavor with a crispy buttery pretzel crust.

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The latest news from our newly partnered locations and food distribution networks.